This video is about our experience to Rock Garden Chandigarg which is located in Punjab. In this video, we, at “Club Defender Of Nature” have tried to provide the viewer with the ‘must needed’ exhilarating information about the place and History of Rock Garden. Rock Garden has very interesting history and effort of founder Shri Nekchand Saini. At Club Defender Of Nature, we make persistent efforts to render accurate and interesting information about different off-beat trekking destinations and sacred places from across the country. It is one of the utmost aim of the club to revive the importance of various hidden jewels (here places) in our country and highlight the authenticity of those places to the viewers in the simplest possible way. The club will continue to explore more destinations like these in the future. So far, we have had the privilege to connect with the audience through 20 such videos and many more are anticipated soon. Please subscribe our channel for instant updates on our upcoming videos and also check out our previous posts on trekking in Uttarakhand! and historical temples You may feel free to provide your valuable feedback in the ‘comments’ section and also post your queries.